Stock Show

Last year we went to the Stock show with Grandma and Papa and so this year they wanted us to go again with them. We picked this date because they were having a miniature horse show and we knew Brooke would love the miniature horses. We started out by walking through the cattle barns to see all the cows and sheep. We also visited the children’s barn area, looked around at the vendor booths and ate dinner. After dinner we made our way to the barn with the miniature horses. Some of them were so tiny and so cute. Brooke would see them and say “it’s so cute.” She had a blast and loved seeing all the animals. On the way home we all had to sing Old McDonald with her, it was so funny!

Checking out the sheep.

The aggie

Brooke with her pig ears.

She loved the bunnies!

This bunny was my favorite!

Papa and Brooke

Papa and Brooke watching the cow get a hair cut.

She played in the saw dust, luckily it wasn't used!

Daddy and Brooke

Mommy and Brooke

Petting the miniature horse.

Us at the Stock Show

Papa, Brooke and Grandma at the Stock Show.

Driving the tractor

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