Crazy Weather

It was been crazy around here as far as weather is concerned. I haven’t worked all week due to the school closing 4 days in a row. What’s crazy is that is was 70 degrees here this past weekend then we had a ice storm hit us on Tuesday and then snow today. I love being at home with Brooke and being cooped up in the house snuggling and watching movies is one of my most favorite things. Today since it snowed we had to go play out in the snow and play of course. While we were out playing a neighbor was pulling his 2 girls behind his four wheeler and stopped to talk to us. After making it around our block they came back by and asked if Brooke and I wanted a ride. I said yes and we had such a fun time. Brooke loved it, she laughed and put her hands in the air and would wave to Brandon. It was so much fun, thanks neighbor Tom!

I wrote her name in the snow, she then liked to run through it to mess it up.

jumping off the ledge

she wanted to pull Daddy on the sled, she tried so hard

still trying

Daddy thought laying on her back would work better for sledding.

now we are trying it on our tummy

her face after she fell in the snow

getting in the tube

Mommy and Brooke going for a ride!

we are having a blast

Daddy and Brooke - my two loves

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