Sorry there will not be any pictures with this post – I just wanted to document and tell about our day – hope you still enjoy

Today Brandon had all four of his wisdom teeth out. Our dentist has been telling him for years to get them removed and so he finally listened after they began to bother him. When I had mine taken out, I just went to the dentist office and had them taken out while I was awake. Brandon, however had to go under and this made me a little nervous! But, I thank the Lord for the calmness He gave me and the power of prayer from our friends and family. Brandon’s surgery went well and lasted about 35 minutes. Brooke stayed home and Grandma came over to watch her while we were gone. Thanks Grandma! After his surgery, they let me back to see him and told me to continue to talk to him so he would stay awake and try to become more coherent before leaving. We left after I had my questions answered, getting the bag of gauze and care instructions for Brandon’s mouth. She had me met them at my car so she could wheel Brandon out in the wheelchair. Once in the car was when the story gets good – well funny – to me at least. Brandon was still out of it from the anesthesia, but had a lot to say and many questions. I found this somewhat entertaining and began to laugh at one point. I just couldn’t hold it in, I know it’s not nice to laugh at a person who is out of it and who has no memory of what he said, but it sure was funny. Here is some of what Brandon asked, said or told me on our way home: (note: speech is slurred and very unintelligible – which make these even funnier)
* Wow, I can’t imagine driving (this is what he said when we were pulling out of the parking lot)
* He asked “How did I get in the wheelchair” (I said I don’t know I wasnt back there, but I am sure you got in it by yourself or with some help, he gave me a surprised face)
* I am trying to focus, I am seeing double, my vision is blurred
* Did they give you that sheet (he asked me this at least 5 times, this sheet was the after care instruction sheet, I hope he wasn’t concerned I didn’t know how to take care of him)
* Did they give you the prescription (I responded yes, you have 5 medications, he then gave me wide eyes and lifted eye brows like he was surprised, I laughed of course)
* He told me I needed to get the medicine first – that’s what the doctor said
* while waiting to drop off his prescriptions he told me “Computers are a complicated device, and then acted like he was typing, and said it would be hard” he was referring to his blurred and double vision.
* He asked if he needed a pencil to write stuff down so I could understand him (let me just say..being numb, medicated and gauze stuck in your mouth can be tricky in understanding ones speech, I think I did awesome in understanding most of what he said…I give credit to my Speech Pathology degree, lol)
* I told him they said no straws and he then said no carbonation and no smoking. I said, I am surprised you remembered that, he said did they tell me that, I said yes and then he said oh I knew that before the surgery.
* I asked him if he remembers me being in the room after the surgery, he said maybe briefly and he said they told me stuff (referring to the after care) I said yes while I was in there, he said he doesn’t remember that at all

It was nice to get home so he could rest. I know I was ready for the medication to ware off more. It is not fun seeing you husband out of it, sick and hurting. Even though it was funny at times his health and well being is much more important to me. I am truly blessed with a wonderful and loving husband. I am so thankful the surgery went well. I hope and pray for a speedy recovery for him. Thank you again for all your prayers today. We truly appreciate them all!

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Julia Walker
February 12, 2011 at 10:25 am | Link

Great post, Autumn. Brandon, praying for a quick recovery.

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