Dirt Day

Brandon and I were outside working and Brooke needed something to do as well. She first found a ant pile and luckily only got bit once on the hand. I was plating some bulbs so I figured she could do the same, well kind of. I got her a bucket, poured dirt in it and let her play in it with her Elmo shovel, rake and some empty cups. She loved it!!!! Since she was so cute, I had to take a few pictures of course. Also while we were out there playing in the dirt, I figured I might as well teach a lesson. So we practiced pouring, which cup was heavy and which was light and digging. The heavy vs. light was fun for her. She loved for me to fill the cups up with different amounts and have her tell me which one was the heavy or the light one. She is so smart and loves playing in the dirt!

Look Mom there is dirt on my hand!

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