Levee Run

Brandon and I ran the DRC Levee race this morning. To be honest, I was really hoping that it was raining because I was just not mentally checked into running today. Well, I woke up and it was dry and no rain cloud in sight, DARN! I did complain a little though about how cold and windy it was, but I still went out and ran the race.

Me before the race...I look ridiculous!

Brandon before the race. We were so cold!

Once we got started it wasn’t so bad and in fact I really enjoyed this race. Never did I want to stop or wonder why I enter into these races. Today was good for me and in fact I could of kept running. The last part of the race was downhill and I heard someone coming up behind me and did NOT want them to pass me up. I decided I would take off and also beat Brandon who was just a few feet in front of me. I took off and looked back at Brandon and gave him a “Ha, I am going to beat you look,” but also a look to see if he was up for the challenge. He read my look and took off and ended up beating me. I was ok with him beating me because that last part of that race was so fun for me. Our friend Mark was there at the finish line and captured us racing each other. Thanks Mark, this picture makes me laugh and I am so glad you captured it for us! We never bring a camera with us so all these pictures are taken by a camera phone. We had a great time and ran into several people we knew at the race too! In 2 weeks we will be running a half marathon and I hope that I have the same result as I did today!

Our strong finish...look I am ahead at this point!

Mark and Brandon after the race sporting their ActiveX gear!

Gig Em Aggies

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