Beautiful Day

During spring break the Dallas Arboretum is ALWAYS packed and yet I continue to visit. Even though there were a ton of people there, the weather was amazing and we had such a great time. I took Brooke and Bethany along with Brooke and I. Jamie and Sadie joined us there as well. They had some castles for the kids to explore in, but my Brooke was more interested in the Cheetos I brought along than anything else. I wanted a few pictures with the flowers but like I said Brooke was more interested in riding int he wagon eating Cheetos. This was not working out like I had hoped….So what does any good mother do, bribe their child with Cheetos to get a few pictures. and guess what? It worked! Once we got to the large grassy hill, we had lunch and the Cheetos became irrelevant. The twins and Brooke played on the hill, tried to teach my Brooke how to roll down the hill and how to do a kart wheel. It was so fun to watch them all play together. They all 3 had a blast. Thanks Jamie and Sadie for playing and sharing a picnic with us. I hope to go again but next time without so many people!

All of the kisd at the Arboretum.

playing in a castle

Big Brooke, Little Brooke and Bethany.

Jamie and Sadie. We love them!

Brooke running through the grass.

Our little picnic

Learning how to do a kart wheel.

Rolling down the hill

Brooke and Mommy.

pulling her own wagon

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Julia Walker
March 16, 2011 at 10:40 pm | Link

Fabulous pictures. My favorites are Brooke and Sadie in the grass and Brooke with her sweet little hands around a flower, which happens to match her shirt. Her personality shows through so vividly in pictures.

My daughter was at the Arboretum today with the three kids she is nanny for. She said it was beautiful, too.

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