Yee Haw

Today my friend and co-worker had her daughter’s 1st birthday party. We couldn’t stay for long because we had 11, 11th graders at our house for disciple now. But the time we were there, we had a blast. Jeri did an amazing job at throwing this party. There was a petting zoo and pony rides!

Brooke wanted to ride the ponies first and I think I walked around in a circle 20 or so times. I considered this my work out for the day. She loved these ponies and told me she was a cow girl and said Yee-Haw. She was so cute.

Jen came along with us and Brooke had her feeding the sheep almost the entire time. We tried to get her to feed the sheep on her own but it was more fun for her to put the food in Jen’s hand and Jen feed the sheep. Thanks Jen for being such a great friend and feeding sheep for 10 minutes, hahaha.

My little cow girl

Brooke and Mommy at the party!

Jen and Brooke feeding the sheep.

This bunny was so cute.

Brooke holding the baby bunny.

Petting the chick.

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