Brandon and I got asked this year to be a host home for our church’s Disciple Now. I had a few things already planned for this weekend but decided that we needed to go ahead and have a group at our home. I am so extremely glad and thankful that we opened up our home because we were truly blessed with a great group of 11th graders.

I cannot say enough great things about the kids that were at our house for the weekend. They loved Brooke, which made us automatically love them! They opened their hearts to us and allowed us to hear their strengths and struggles in life. They were so respectful and so much fun.

During rec time we played flag football and had a blast. The best part was just hanging out with them, getting to know them, goofing off and enjoying our time together. Brandon and I were blessed by each one of them and are excited about the new friendships we have started.

Brooke and Chris!

Sweet Katie and Brooke.

My sweet girl that they dressed up!

Brooke and her flag football flags. She wanted to be like everyone else!

Brandon being the quarterback!

Katie and Brooke.

Our wonderful Group! LOVE THEM!


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