Disney on Ice

Today Brooke and I went to see Disney on Ice – Toy Story 3. I was super excited and knew Brooke would absolutely love it. When we got there, we stopped by the merchandise table and got her a couple of toys.

Our seats for the performance were awesome. We were like 6 rows from the ice. It was great because the characters would stop right in front of our section. Brooke would yell their names and want to hug them. She also waved to all of them. It was so fun to watch her. Her expressions and excitement was so cute and enjoyable to watch.

At intermission, I decided that we needed to go buy a snow-cone. These shows always have awesome snow-cone cups. We got the Buzz Lightyear cup. I didn’t get a flavor for the snow-cone and so we just had the ice. It was still good and Brooke loved it!

The show was so cute and we enjoyed every minute of it! After the show, Brooke said ” That was so much fun.” I love making memories and having mommy and daughter dates!

Look Mom it's Bullseye!

Brooke and her toys.

Mickey and Minne introduced the show!

Army men flying in!

Rex playing the video game to beat Zurg.

The aliens, Brooke loved them!

The toy story gang!

Lotso Huggin Bear

Her snowcone, in the awesome Buzz Lightyear cup!

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