Rodeo Parade

My mom asked us to come to rodeo parade and join her to sit in front of Windsor (my moms flower shop). We asked our friends Jamie, Bubba and Sadie to join us as well. I haven’t been to the rodeo parade in years but knew Brooke would enjoy hearing the bands, seeing the horses and getting candy of course. I decided the night before that I needed to make Brooke a shirt for her to wear to the parade. I decided that I would draw my own cow and digitize the image so I could embroider it on a shirt. I think it turned out so cute. Thanks for asking us mom, we had a great time with you and our friends at the parade!

Eating some popcorn before the parade!

The shirt I made for her

Waiting for the parade.

Waving her flag!

Waving her flag with Nana!

Daddy and Brooke

Mommy and Brooke

Mommy, Brooke and Daddy!

Us girls!

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