Today was beautiful outside, a little windy but still beautiful. I love spending time outside so we decided to take Brooke to our neighborhood pond and go fishing.

We bought her a Disney princess fishing pole today and took that along with us for her to fish with. She loved having her own fishing pole. She learned how to reel the line in really fast. She really liked doing this. We had to teach and remind her a lot that we had to wait on the fish. She just continued to want us to cast the line out and then she would reel it back in.

Daddy found a really good spot in the pond where we got 6 fish pretty fast. Once daddy caught the first fish, that’s all she wanted to do, was catch more fish, we couldn’t keep the hook baited fast enough for her.

She wasn’t too sure about the fish at first. But she eventually touched one, then had to touch every one after that. The last fish we caught was pretty small and she wanted to hold that one, but we didn’t let her because of the spines on its back.

We all had a great time fishing and I loved watching Brandon and Brooke together doing one of Brandon’s favorite things. We even asked Brooke is she was done and wanted to go play on the playground and she said, no! I think Daddy has a new fishing partner!

Checking out the fish!

Getting ready to touch the fish!

So Proud!

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