Brandon took a vacation day today so that we could have a family day to just hang out and go to the Dallas Zoo. We planned on getting there right when it opened but last night I woke up to it thundering, lightening and pouring down rain. I turned off my alarm because I figured our day planned to go to the zoo was now over and we would be spending it in the house. I ended up waking up not too long after it would have gone off to no rain, no thunder and no lightening! My excitement for the day came back and now it was time to get up and get ready!

Brooke was now up and so we got dressed and made it to the zoo around 10 or so. There was hardly anyone there, which made the parking and the visit so nice. Brandon and I hadn’t been to the zoo since they opened up their new Wilds of Africa exhibit, so we were both looking forward to seeing that. I was impressed from the git go. The exhibits were very nice and spacious for the animals, but still capable of seeing the animals up close.

My favorite exhibit the entire day was the Lions. They have a restaurant in the area that has a huge window to observe the animals while you eat. Since it was only 10am in the morning we had no need to eat but went in anyways to get a great close up view of the lions. Outside we only saw 2 lions up on some rocks but once we got inside there was one right up next to the glass. This was so exciting for me and Brooke. She loved it and so did I.

We saw lots of animals and Brooke loved seeing each of them. At the children’s zoo, we bought some feed that is stuck to Popsicle sticks to feed the birds. Brooke held hers until a bird came flying at her, then it was dropped immediately. She was fine with us holding the sticks and was fascinated at them landing on our shoulders, heads and hands. She just didn’t want them on her! After feeding the birds, she rode the horse and again said she was a cowgirl. Man I love this girl and loved having a family day at the zoo!

This made us both jump.

Riding the horse in the Children's Zoo.

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