Spring Camping Trip

We try to go camping twice a year. Once in the fall and once in the spring. This year we have been so busy that I was afraid that our spring camping trip would be really warm. It turned out to be a perfect weekend for camping. The weather was amazing and it was pretty cool at night, which I love! I love campfires and I love using tons of blankets at night in the tent.

We tried out a new camp ground, Lake Bob Sandlin. I think this might be my favorite camp ground so far that we have been to. The campsites are pretty secluded surrounded by tons of trees. Another plus, the bathrooms were nice! This can really make or break your camping trip!

We also got a new camping item to take with us this time and it is now my new favorite thing about camping! We got ourselves a hammock and I absolutely fell in love with this thing. Brooke loved it as well and even fell asleep and took her nap in it on Saturday! You lay down in this thing, and it is so soothing!

Our camping trip was filled with cooking, fishing, playing on the play ground, attempting to fly a kite, walking, more cooking and just relaxing. We had such a wonderful time. I love camping with my family. It is great to just get away and relax. On the way home we stopped at a Exotic animal farm and took a few pictures and checked out the animals they had.

Hanging out in the hammock!

Brooke loved to play in the tent!

Swinging with her cute hat on!

Brooke and Daddy swinging at the park.

Looking at a little turtle this lady found and gave to us.

Our sweet girl

Taking her Saturday nap! She fell asleep with her her milk and Cheetos.

The spray bottle, she learned how to use it this weekend and loved to spray the plants, mommy and daddy.

Our little fisher!

The random Zebra's we saw on the way home.

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