Easter Party

Brooke goes to a mother day out program on Wednesdays only and typically the class parties fall on Thursdays. I decided to take part of the day off and take Brooke to the party, Nana joined us as well.

Brooke loved seeing her friends and it so funny to watch her interact with other kids in her class. I totally forgot her Easter basket so luckily Nana had a green gift bag in her car. Unfortunately it was sprinkling and the bag ended up tearing at the end of the hunt. All the eggs ended up in my pockets!

Brooke had a blast at her party and I was so glad we were able to take her and let her enjoy the Easter party with her friends!

Waiting to go outside to hunt eggs.

Showing Mommy her eggs.

Brooke and Nana, I really like this picture of the two of them!

Making her mosiac egg.

Eating lunch..Brooke was told to smile, although she isnt doing it towards the camera, I love this picture!

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