Nana’s Egg Hunt

My mom “Nana”, wanted to have an egg hunt for Brooke this year. I thought it would be best to have one on Saturday since Sunday would be busy for us and she would already be having an egg hunt at our house that day. So, Saturday we went over to Nana’s house and she had a egg hunt for Brooke. She also gave Brooke a basket full of goodies. I told my mom not to give her candy this year because it would just go in the trash. My mom got her some really cute toys and a DVD. Brooke’s favorite toy in the basket was a Little Mermaid Doll. Brooke loves this movie and so of course she loved this doll. After the egg hunt we all went out to eat for dinner. We had a great time and Brooke loved her egg hunt and all the goodies from Nana!

Brooke and her mermaid and Daddy in the background as the Easter bunny, watching the Mavs game.

her face makes me laugh in this picture

Brooke holding her little chick.

Nana and Brooke

Playing with one of the toys Nana got her.

Hunting for eggs.

Brooke being silly with her basket!

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