Easter Sunday

Today is Easter Sunday and Brandon woke up and went for a run. I was up but Brooke was still sleeping. When Brooke woke up, Brandon was still out running so I decided to tell Brooke about Easter and the true meaning. I wanted to make sure she knew that Easter isn’t about eggs and bunnies, which are fun in all but the real reason we celebrate this holiday is because of Jesus. She was so cute when I told her about Jesus and how he is alive and rose from the grave. I had her repeat back to me what I had said and answer some questions after I talked to her, just to see if she was listening/understanding. After I talked to her, we just waited on Daddy.

Once Daddy got home, we opened the front door to see if the Easter Bunny had brought Brooke anything. He did of course and she was so excited! He left her a basket full of goodies and the best thing in the basket was a bag of goldfish. The Easter Bunny knew they were her favorite. We had our egg hunt and then headed out to church. After church we went over to Grandma and Papa’s house for lunch. Aunt Allison, GG, Peggy and Nana joined us. We had a wonderful lunch and enjoyed each others company.

Our family on Easter Sunday! Don't we look cute in our color coordinated outfits!!


Nana and Brooke


GG and Brooke


Peggy, GG and Brooke


Grandma, Brooke and Papa


Brooke and Aunt Allison

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