The Gentle Zoo

Our play date this week was held at Forney’s Gentle Zoo. We typically meet on Mondays for our playgroup but since the zoo is closed on Mondays we opted for Friday.

Once we arrived, there were 4 school buses in the parking lot. I wasn’t sure if all the other moms would want to stay or not since there were so many kids here and it is not a very big place. We decided to give it a go anyways! We even got in free since there was a field trip!

Even though there were a lot of kids, I watched to see where they were at in their groups and hit up the animal pins in between the groups. So really we got to see and pet all the animals without a ton of kids swarming the animals as well.

Brooke loved this place. Her favorite pin was the one with the baby goats and bunnies. She loves bunnies and pretty much pet or followed them the entire time in there. The only time she got distracted from the bunny was when the goats would try and eat her shorts, her shirt or jump on her back. She would yell at the goat, “bad goat, get down.” She was fine with him doing this but eventually got tired of the goat not listening to her and began to cry. This is when I took her out for awhile and we visited a few other animals.

While we were there we got to ride a little tractor/train. Brooke loved this! It drove by the horses so it was even more exciting for her. The quarter horse was also a fan favorite of Brooke’s. She talked and pet the horse for awhile. She even had to kiss it bye. She is just so darn cute.

After the zoo a few of us went to Chick Fil A for lunch. They were having toddler time, so the baby Chick Fil A cow was there. Brooke loves him and followed him around till it was time to eat. Then insisted in standing in her chair, to wave to the cow. I think I can say Brooke loves animals!

Brooke and Faith eating some ice cream!

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