North Forney’s Prom

Some of the kids that were at our house for D-Now go to North Forney High School and tonight was their prom. They asked me to come meet them at the park for some before prom pictures. I was so excited to do this for them, because I love seeing them and hanging out with them any chance I get. These girls are wonderful and looked spectacular tonight. Brooke brought along her toy camera and was taking pictures too. It was so cute. She would say “my turn.” She said this because all the other moms and myself took turns taking pictures. She also would hand over her camera to the high school girls to take her picture. They all thought it was so cute that she would pose for them. I am sad though that I didn’t take a picture of Brooke taking pictures with her toy camera. I did capture a few of her and Katy tonight though. Brooke loves and looks up to Katy, which is so cute! I also am attaching a picture of the whole group. I had them do this right before they were leaving to head to prom. Before I know it Brooke will be going to Prom and I know I will have tears in my eyes as I take pictures of my sweet girl who has grown up so fast.

Katy and Brooke....Love them!

Brooke posed like this and told Katy to do it too!

The group!

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