Boys Fishing Trip

For Christmas, Brandon and I got Tony (Brandon’s Dad) a bass boat for the day out at Lake Fork. They decided to wait till the spring to go and so that trip happened this weekend. Brandon was so excited about this trip and made several trips to bass pro to stock up and prepare for it. They left Saturday to fish that night and fished all day Sunday. They didn’t catch many fish but they said they had a blast. I sure wish we had our own boat, we would be at the lake a lot. Tony was the winner for the biggest fish. He caught a 6lb cat fish and Brandon was the winner for the most fish caught. They brought home a few fish, so we are looking forward to frying those up!

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Gerry Puglisi
May 23, 2011 at 3:34 pm | Link

Nice catch guys! Reminds me of Tom Sr. and how much he liked to fish with Tony.

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