Rain at the Dallas Zoo

Today was our play group’s trip to the Dallas Zoo. We got there all prepared for sun and hot weather but it wasn’t what we needed, at least not till later. We arrived and were able to visit a few animals until a zoo worker told everyone to go under the bridge. I decided we should not do this and instead go to the near by restaurant. The restaurant is the one I posted on before where you can see the lions. The restaurant was full but we were able to get a table for all 10 of us!

We ended up staying in the restaurant for an hour, but it wasn’t too bad. We went ahead and ate lunch and let the kids watch the lions. The lions were active too, so that made it interesting. After an hour had passed, so did the storm so we were able to visit some more of the zoo.

Even though it rained, we didn’t get wet and stayed in the restaurant longer than anticipated, but it was all still fun! The kids loved seeing the animals and walking and playing at the zoo. Hopefully the next trip will have better weather!

Checking out the Elephants

All the girls looking at the giraffes!

Watching the tortoise eat our lettuce.

Close up of him eating.

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