Coupon’s are Fun!

Ok, so I have been watching this show on t.v. call ed Extreme Couponing. These people are crazy but yet at the same time are finding amazing deals that I want too! Since we eat primarily organic food, I wont be couponing food but the other house hold items, I think I might try out. Especially things that don’t expire! Sooo, I decided to give it a shot on 1 particular item. Walmart had a roll back on Nexcare bandages for $1. I found a Nexcare coupon for a dollar off 1 product. So I printed 11 coupons and made my way to Walmart. I was so excited because this was my first free coupon experience. The lady at the register and the lady behind me in line were in shock and asked how I did and said THAT’S AWESOME. So here is my purchase or should i say my FREE Band aids! My total inst $0 because I purchased other items. But you can see where the product rang up for $1 and my coupon was -$1.

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