Houston Zoo

For the Memorial Day weekend, Brandon, Brooke and I went down to Houston to visit David. David lives in an apartment and when we pulled up Brooke said, “Wow, that’s a big house.” I thought it was so cute that she thought David’s house was so big! We decided to go to the Houston Zoo Saturday morning. I am so glad we went right when it opened because it got very hot and very very humid. I hadn’t been to that zoo in several years, so I was excited to go back. They had a new area for you to view the elephant barn. This was really neat because they opened the windows of the barn and you could really see the elephants up close. You could also talk to the trainers and zoo keepers. They had a baby in one of the cages, which was so cute and we got to see them get baths!

We forgot to bring the stroller so Brooke walked the majority of the time at the zoo. She did want to be held some of the time, but it wasn’t bad because we had 3 people to pass her around to! She did great though and never complained! After the zoo we went to David’s parents house to visit for a little bit. She loved showing off to Mr. and Mrs. Terry! That day Brooke didn’t take a nap, but did crash that night at 6:30 on our way to dinner! We got to eat Lupe Tortilla’s twice! I love that place! We had a great time at the zoo and also had a wonderful time visiting David.

Crawling through the fish tank!

cool looking jelly fish

Our family at the Houston Zoo!

Rididng the train! Brooke asked where Mr. Conductor was.

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