Letter D is for Daddy

This week we are learning about the letter D. Since it is father’s day this Sunday I figured this letter would be the best to learn and create fun crafts and do activities with.

Activity One:
Learning and recognizing the letter D. I drew a uppercase and lowercase D on her easel and wrote words that begin with the letter D. I had her point to all the letter D’s and we practiced saying all the words.

Activity Two:
I drew the letter D and placed glue inside for her to glue on DOTS inside the letter D.

Activity Three:
I drew various letters on a piece of paper and handed her 4 foam letter D’s. I placed glue on the back and had her match the foam letter D’s to the ones I drew. She did great with this and loved it. It’s a great activity that works on fine motor skills, matching and letter recognition!

Activity Four:
I drew a DAISY on a piece of paper and she painted DOTS on the flower.

Activity Five:
Like I said since Father’s Day is Sunday we had to make a card/sign for DADDY! We DREW her hand and placed in on foam paper and placed sticky DOTS and other fun stickers to DADDY’S card! We love DADDY so much and hope he has a wonderful Father’s Day!

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June 17, 2011 at 10:28 am | Link

How cute – you are so imaginative and great with teaching Brooke her colors
and letters and all of the other things that you do with her!!! I don’t think
I was that creative with you – lol!!!

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