Faith’s 2nd Birthday

We had Faith’s 2nd Birthday party to attend today and we had such a great time. Her theme was Olivia and it was so cute. Amy and Faith are in our play group and are so sweet. We love hanging out with them any chance we get! At her party, Amy had aprons with all the kids initials on the front for them to wear while they did their painting craft. The got to color, paint, do a pinata and eat cupcakes. When we sand Happy Birthday to Faith, I think Brooke thought it was her birthday because she got so excited and had the biggest smile on her face. Brooke had a blast and we are so thankful for great friends! Happy Birthday Faith, you are such a sweet friend!

Brooke and the Birthday girl. Brooke was being shy when we first got there.

Brooke and Olivia, Brooke is still being shy.


Brooke in her "B" apron

Painting her letter B.

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