Swim Party

We had our 2nd birthday party to attend today and it was so much fun. It was a swim party at a local indoor pool. Our friend Caden turned 3 and we had a blast. I haven’t posted anything about swimming this summer or any pictures, but we have been to the pool a lot this summer. It was my goal to not put Brooke in swim lessons, but to teach her on my own. She has done great and I am so very proud of her. The first week all she did was complain and whine. I thought, oh dear, this is NOT going to work. She eventually realized she was able to do the things I was asking her to do and stopped whining! She now jumps in from the side of the pool, holds her breath, goes under by herself, puts her face in the water, blows bubbles, kicks her legs and is swimming a very short distance from me to Brandon. So Caden’s birthday party was so fun for her because she got swim and go down the slide a lot.

Going down the little slide.

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