Birthday Trip to the Lake

Brandon’s 27th birth is today and we all decided to go to the Lake and take the boat out. Since we wanted to be out there all day we stayed at the State Park Friday night and left Saturday evening. We went to Lake Bob Sandlin again, which I really like.

My mom, Allison, Brooke and I went to the campsite on Friday to set up and get situated before everyone else arrived. Brandon and his parents weren’t expected to arrive till later that evening so going down early meant setting up in the day time and we were also hoping to get a lake front campsite. We ended up not getting one, but we had a great spot and just walked to the lake to get in and out of the boat.

This morning the boys fished then came back in and made us awesome breakfast. It was Brandon’s birthday and he ended being the one to cook, but I love his cooking! After breakfast, Brandon, Brooke and I took a boat ride around the lake and Brooke ended up falling asleep. Later we had lunch then made our way back on the water to attempt water skiing and then did some tubing.

It was pretty warm, but with all the trees that provided shade and all the fans we brought, it really want so bad. We had a great time but do hope to go back again when it’s a little cooler. Happy Birthday Babe, I hope you had a wonderful day. Brooke and I love you so much!

Allison and Brooke in the hammock.

Nana and Brooke

The crown I made with Brooke's glow bracelets and necklaces.

me and my sweet girl

Brooke and Nana by the lake

Looking for Daddy!

The fish PaPa caught!

Brooke was fasinated with them.

starting the fire, yes the temperature was in the 90's and we still had a fire

Love them! Happy Birthday Daddy!

playing with the water balloons

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July 3, 2011 at 2:54 pm | Link

Other than the heat – I had a WONDERFUL time. But next time Brandon, if you want to camp out on your
birthday we all voted to change your birthday to October or November!!!

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