Sea World – Day 2

Day two started out with a behind the scenes tour of Sea World. We first got to go to the dolphin pool to feed and pet the dolphins. I think this is my most favorite part of Sea World. I could literally spend hours at this pool. I especially love it there in the morning when the park hasn’t opened yet, because the dolphins are so interactive and will let you rub and pet them so much.

We then made our way to the back to see the animals in the animal care area. We got to touch a sting ray and a shark. Brooke didn’t have any part in touching these 2 animals. She would say she wanted to, then pull her hand back as they came close.

While back there I ran into a trainer that was there when I attended Sea World camp in high school. I got to chat with him some and relive some times while I was there. We also got to see 2 baby dolphins in the back. One was born that morning before we got there! It was so cute!

After the tour, we met up with the Coopers and hit up the water park. We had such a great time here. Brooke had to wear a life jacket the whole time, but swam like a fish and did awesome! Once we were done there we fed the sea lions, seals and also went back to feed the dolphins again.

We loved Sea World and had such a great time with our family and friends!

This dolphin was the oldest in the tank, he got right up on the ledge for us to love on him!

The harbor seal we fed.

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