I LOVE Free Stuff!

So this was my second attempt at couponing. Again, I am only going after great deals that will end up being free or very cheap and not expiring! So Target had their scotch tape on sale for 60 cents. I printed 9 coupons for 1 dollar off each scotch tape. I got them at Wal-mart for 2 reasons: 1. Wal-mart price matches and is closer to my house and 2. Wal-mart carried over the extra money whereas Target does not. So I made 40 cents off of each scotch tape I bought, making me a grand total of $3.60 with 9 rolls of tape FREE! Here is the catch with Wal-Mart, you must have the AD for the store that you are price matching, they wont take the match off your phone. If you don’t have the hard copy ad you won’t get the deal!!! Also they don’t give you money back it just goes towards something you are purchasing. So really I got 9 scotch tapes and free baby aspirin since that’s what else I was buying! Happy shopping and go out there and find some great deals!!!

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