We love Movies

Brooke absolutely loves watching movies. She really likes going to the movie theater because she knows she always gets popcorn. She does such a great job at the theater. It is probably because of the popcorn and how it keeps her occupied the entire time. But nonetheless she does GREAT!

Today we met our friends Truett and Jennifer and saw the Smurf movie. We opted for the 2D movie because I wasn’t sure if Brooke would keep the 3D glasses on the entire time. The movie was cute and so were the kids. Brooke would feed Truett one piece of popcorn at a time, so funny!

Brooke is wearing her superman shirt because she insisted that is what she wore. I of course out a red bow in her hair so people knew she was a girl. She loves dressing up, and I think it is the cutest thing ever!

Truett and Brooke at the movies.

Truett was ready to go.

They liked to hold hands and run down the hallway. They were so cute!

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