Riding Lessons

Tonight we went with our dear friends, the Coopers, to their riding lessons. Emily and Travis are learning how to ride their horses and I asked if we could come along to watch. I absolutely love everything about horses and especially like seeing the training process.

I am a nerd when it comes to horses because I have a passion to ride, learn and show them. I used to show Arabian horses and loved every minute of it. Watching Travis and Emily ride tonight brought back so many good memories of my mom, dad and I spending countless hours at the barn riding, cleaning, washing, showing, practicing and just hanging out. Horses take a lot of work but the time I spent with my family working with my horse will always hold a special place in my heart.

Emily and Travis did awesome. I couldn’t help but stand there and think of the days I was in training. Brandon asked me afterwards what I thought and I could only say good things. Of course you think your way is the best way so I would have done a few things differently. But that didn’t mean this trainer or kids were doing anything wrong. I am so very proud of Emily and Travis for pursing an interest in horses. Horses bring such joy in your life and are enjoyable to be around, but at the same time can be such a challenge. It is very cool to see Travis and Emily learn and endure the adventures of being horse owners.

I hope that one day Brandon and I will be able to buy a horse to that we can enjoy that experience with Brooke. Brooke loves horses. I think her passion for them are as great as mine. She stood and watched patiently during the lesson, but had a desire to get our there to ride or even just to touch the horse. To distract her self she found a barn cat that she fell in love with. I love watching Brooke around horses and know she will love riding them on her own one day!

My sweet girl, watching patiently!

Brooke and Mrs. Tammy checking out the barn kitty.

Watching Travis with Mr. Craig.

Emily, the future barrel racer!

Travis and his horse Molly.

Emily and her horse Lily.

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August 17, 2011 at 3:10 pm | Link

OK when are we going to break down and get Brooke her very own horse??
I really miss those days – even tho it was alot of work – the pleasure of
being around horses is so much greater than the work.

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