A day full of Science

Today Brandon and I took Brooke to the Science Place. We had been in awhile so all of us were looking forward to going. Brooke has been before but I know she loves to explore and every time is different for her.

We decided to become members, so I am sure there will be several posts of us going to the Science Place. Today they were having a discovery day. They had stations all around the museums for kids to build, color, explore and many other things. Most of the things were geared for older kids but we did make a hard hat and she enjoyed putting stickers all over it.

Their feature exhibit right now is Chinasaurs, dinosaurs discovered in China. Brooke was not interested in this at all. Inc fact outside the museum there was a large robotic one that she was quite scared of. Daddy was her hero, by saving her from this dinosaur. She did however like the dinosaur hat we got for becoming members.

After we had visited the exhibits, we watched an IMax film about dolphins. Brooke usually watches movies, but I guess today with no nap and the excitement of being at the Science Place she could not sit still after the first 5-10 minutes.

We had a wonderful time and look forward to the many more trips we will have at the Science Place!

Making big bubbles.

Trying to find dinosaur bones

Collecting eggs from the chickens

Milking the cow.

My little firefighter

Playing the xylophone with daddy.

The cute dinosaur hat with the scary dinosaur behind them.

Making her hard hat.

the finished product

Brooke and Mommy with the Mammoth.

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August 17, 2011 at 3:13 pm | Link

How fun!! I know you enjoyed seeing Mr. Shirley again after all of this time.
He has been such a part of our family for so long, and now he can help you
all show Brooke the love of the Science Place too.

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