Mesquite Rodeo

Every year we seem to go to the rodeo and we always have a great time. Brandon decided not to join us since it would be 8 girls and him. I couldn’t blame him, but we did miss him being there with us!

This year Brooke rode the ponies before the rodeo started and LOVED it. I walked around beside her pony the first few times around, then told her just to hold on tight and she continued riding them without me next to her. She is getting so big and growing up so fast! She rode them twice and when it was time to get off she held on for dear life, telling me she wanted to go again, that she was a cowgirl and did everything in her power to stay on the horse. I eventually convinced her that the other kids needed a turn and so she finally let go and got off.

The rodeo started and Brooke wasn’t that interested in the action. She liked to talk to all of us and watch some but more so move from one person to the next. Nana bought her a light up horse necklace that could literally put someone into a seizure, but thankfully it had a button where you could slow down the flashes.

We had a great time and I know Brooke will want to go again so she can ride the ponies. Thanks Nana for inviting us!

The calves are behind her. She was fascinated to see them!

Bethany and Brooke

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