Snorkling Trip and Lu’au

Today is our 5 year anniversary and we have a couple of special things planned today! I can’t believe 5 years have already passed but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I have a wonderful Godly man who I am very much in love with. We also have a beautiful and smart daughter that reminds me of how great God is everyday and another baby on the way. I am so blessed and so very excited to be celebrating our 5 year anniversary here in Maui!

This morning we had to leave pretty early to make it to Ma’Alaea. This is where most all of the boats to snorkel and whale watch go out of. Our boat left around 7:45am and we would return around 12:45. I wasn’t sure if I would get sea sick because you can see land to whole time we would be out, but I took dramamine just in case.

Well, we were almost there and my feeling of getting sick was getting stronger. We were on the top deck of the boat, so I told Brandon I needed to go down to the lower deck. They were backing in the boat to set anchor and so I was so close, but throw up number 1 happened. And guess what, I attracted all sorts of fish, lovely huh! Well, I felt fine after that so I got on my snorkeling gear and Brandon and I headed out!

On the boat, heading out to Molokini!


We snorkeled at Molokini Island, which actually is a volcanic crater. The water here is very clear and on good days you can see 200 feet. We saw a ton of fish and coral. The colors here are such an amazing sight to see. After about 45 minutes of snorkeling, I was feeling bad again and made my way on the boat for a break. I threw up again, so this makes number 2!

I went back out and only lasted about 20 minutes and had to take a break again. I didn’t throw up but I sure wasn’t feeling good. Brandon came on the boat to check on me and said he was going to get sick if he stays on the boat and that’s probably why I got sick. I knew it wasn’t because I was going to puke in the ocean while snorkeling, I just didn’t think that would work out too well. So I got back in and snorkeled some more.

Brandon snorkling at Molokini!

This time I decided to take a boogie board out and just float and look at fish from the board instead of just sitting on the boat. This seemed to be better until about 10 minutes into it, I got sick again. Luckily I had the board to hang on to because without it, I am not sure how throwing up would have worked. So here is to throw up number 3! After this, I was done with the snorkeling trip. I was in the water most of the time but now was ready to get out and just chill.

A picture at Molokini before getting back on the boat!

I got back onto the boat and knew I needed to eat something because my stomach was now empty. I opted for the pulled pork sandwich which was quite tasty. Brandon came back on board and got a chicken sandwich. I ate my sandwich but he didn’t eat his because he was feeling sick.

Our boat left and was headed back to the harbor, but first we had to make a short stop to see the Sea Turtles. Just before we arrived at the sea turtles, Brandon threw up then there I was again throwing up. So yeah to number 4. I will say that the staff on the boat was very nice while I threw up. Every time they brought me a cup of water and paper towels! After this time, I was determined to stop getting sick, plus we only had like a 20 minute boat ride left.

I made it and so did Brandon. We got a burger and fries once we got off the boat which I think helped. We drove back to the hotel, and I crashed! I took at least an hour and half nap, which seemed to help! Later that night we had our Lu’au so I got up and got ready for that.

We went to the Old Lahaina Lu’ua. This lu’ua is one that strives for a more authentic Hawaiian feel. When you arrive you are greeted with a orchid lai and a fruit drink that is very tasty! After that you get to explore the lu’ua. They have wood carvers, crafts and music. I got to make my own flower hairpiece that was very fun and very cute in my hair. At 6:20 they unveil the pig that they cooked underground. Unfortunately, I was feeling sick and didn’t get to see the whole thing. I knew I needed to get something to eat but you have to wait your turn for dinner.

Our programs and tickets to the show.

A tasty fruit punch drink. We got the kid version, it was so yummy!!

Brandon at the Lu'ua

Once we got dinner I was great! The dinner was quite tasty! They have various types of meat and we tried the chicken, steak and pulled pork. Everything else was quite tasty as well! The show began shortly after dinner and was very entertaining and informative about Hawaiian culture and history. Brandon and I even got to dance by the ocean at the Lu’ua to celebrate the anniversaries and newly weds that were at the Lu’ua. It was very romantic and something I will never forget!

We bought Brooke a turtle, here he was carving her name on the bottom.

Making my flower hair piece.

My flower hair peice, that I thought turned out quite well!

Getting the pig out from the underground oven.

Even though my day was filled with throwing up several times, I had a wonderful time and am so happy how we spent our anniversary. I love my husband so much and this trip has been so enjoyable. I love you Brandon and I look forward to the many many more years we have together!


Gerry Puglisi
September 4, 2011 at 2:28 pm | Link

Sounds like an enjoyable Anniversary to me (except the sickness part) and we’ll be celebrating our 30th anniversary on our Maui trip in February. I want to go to the same luau, for sure. Gerry

September 4, 2011 at 4:29 pm | Link

We get scopalamine patches from the doctor – they do work for sea sickness, but might make you a bit sleepy.
We are terrible sailors.

Molokini is definitely one of the places I want to visit.

September 6, 2011 at 7:31 pm | Link

Looks beautiful!!! Brings back such good memories from when
you and I were there – makes me want to go back there again.

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