First Day of School

Today was Brooke’s first day at her new school. They call it play school and Brooke was excited about going. We had meet the teacher night a few weeks ago so we have visited the new school twice before she would attend today! The director is a friend of ours and she put one of Brooke’s friends in her class so Brooke and I were very excited. I hope that having little Autumn in Brooke’s class will help. We didn’t have a good experience last year at her mothers day out so I am hoping and praying for a successful and happy year this year!

Brandon and I dropped her off together for her first day. She was excited about wearing her backpack. Once we got to her class things changed a little bit. She wasn’t too sure about this whole going to school business. We went into the class with her and encouraged her to play with her friends. Luckily, Mrs. Kasha came to the rescue (the director). I told Brooke that Mrs. Kasha would take her to see the play ground. This worked! She hugged and kissed Brandon and I bye bye and we were off.

Mrs. Kasha called me in the next 10 minutes to tell me Brooke was doing great! I was so happy that the first day seemed to be going well and she was at a school that truly cared!

I picked up Brooke from her first day and she was so excited to see me. It was good to see her happy, playing and dancing! I asked her if she took a nap, she said no. Mrs. Kasha then informed me that Brooke had went with her during the teachers lunch time to the lunch area. Apparently, Brooke entertained all the teachers. They commented on how well she speaks, her sassy attitude, her facial expressions and how smart and funny she was.

Brooke then showed me her art work she made that day and it was so sweet. She had made a family tree and there were 4 apples, the 4th one was for the expected baby! So sweet! I am so happy her first day went so well and look forward to a wonderful year here at playschool!

She loves her backpack!

Ready for Playschool, She is getting too big!

Not too sure about school, now that Mommy and Daddy are leaving!

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September 12, 2011 at 6:39 pm | Link

Aw sweet baby girl!!! Grandma and I had a very wonderful time with you last Thurs.
at your Play School’s Grandparents Day – we are so blessed to have all of you!!

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