Stars Game

Tonight Paw Paw got us STARS hockey suite tickets and we were excited to go. Grandma, GG and Susan came too, so we had a great family night at the Stars game.

I love to watch hockey, especially pre-season because there usually are fights. Tonight there were NONE, so that was a little disappointing.

Brooke watched the game some but was more so interested in her popcorn she shared with Paw Paw. I got nachos that I have been craving for days, so I was very excited!

Before the game started we went down to the glass to see the players up close and watch them skate around. Brooke liked to bang on the glass which I thought was quite funny. I am very thankful I brought a blanket for Brooke, because most of the night she let me have it and it defiantly kept me warm!

GG and Brooke

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