Heels and Hills and Him Race

Brandon had a half marathon today and this was my first race to not run with him. This was also the race that was a charity event and so we would like to say THANK YOU for all of those who donated to help support Brandon and the charity he was running for! It was kind of weird for me to not be running with him, but then at the same time I enjoyed just watching. It got pretty warm so I was even more thankful!

The whole group before the race

Brooke and Brandon before the race.

Mark, Nick, Kingsley and Brandon at the starting line.

Brooke and I drove to mile marker 3 and 1/2 to cheer on Brandon, Nick, Mark and a few other co workers of Brandon’s. Here Brooke had to go potty and had to use her first porta potty, DISGUSTING! Luckily it was at the beginning of the race so it wasn’t too bad yet. We met some lady and her 2 kids and they followed us to each mile marker because they had no clue on where to go. They also gave Brooke a piece of paper and I wrote Go Daddy on it and then Brooke colored it. Brooke liked to hold the sign and tell everyone “Go Daddy,” it was quite cute!

Making a sign for Daddy!

Mile 3 and a Half...Looking good!

We then went to mile marker 5 and 9 which was in the same location! No one else was there except Brooke and I and the lady I met with her 2 kids. Many runners told us thanks for supporting them becasue that stretch they were on was long and hard. We got to see Brandon and Nick here twice and Brooke was excited. Once they passed us Brooke and I then made our way back to the finish line, but first stopped to get them some power-aid.

Brooke Cheering on Brandon and Nick at mile 9.

We made it to the finish line, met up with Nick’s wife Rebecca and their 5 kids. We all got to see Brandon and Nick finish and it was Great. I know they were excited to be DONE. They both did great and I am so very proud of all of them for completing this half that turned out to be a hot one! We love you Daddy and are very proud of you!

Watching Daddy come up to the finish line

Nick and Brandon finishing strong!!

Daddy and Brooke after the race, she was so excited to see him.

Some of the group after the race, they were glad to be done!

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