Gentle Zoo

Over the summer I took Brooke to the gentle zoo and wanted to take her again this fall becasue they had pumpkins and pony rides. We got there when no one else was there so that was nice. Brooke got to feed the goats, lamas, pigs, sheep and horses. She loved carry her little bucket of food and feeding the animals.

Brooke and her bucket of feed!

After visiting the animals, Brooke jumped in the bounce house and Nana joined her a few times. Brooke also got to ride a pony and the mechanical race horses. Before we left we rode the little train and then went to lunch.

Brooke had a great time and just loves all animals. At one point 2 other children were trying to feed the horse but the horse wouldn’t go to them. The horse stayed with Brooke. Brooke then told the kids “he likes me not you.” I told Brooke that was rude and we had to have a little talk. But, I did find it funny that she picked up on the fact that the horse was interested in her and not the other kids.

Nana and Brooke

Brooke and Mommy!

Getting ready to ride the train

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