Fellowship Treats

This marks our second year to go trick or treating at Daddy’s office! I think I look forward to it just as much as Brooke does. The people at Brandon’s work are just simply amazing and I enjoy going up there just to visit with everyone.

Of course, when we first got there we had to stop at Haley’s office first! Brooke and Haley adore each other and so her office is always the first stop. After Haley filled Brooke’s pumpkin about 1/4 of the ay up we made our way around the rest of the office. Everyone loved hearing my little southern girls accent saying she was Little Bo Peep.

Haley and Brooke!

Our last stop was Daddy’s area. One of Daddy’s co workers was dressed as a gorilla. Brooke wasn’t too sure about him and would not get near him. She later let me take a picture with her and Daddy and Matthew the Gorilla. She made sure everyone knew that the gorilla was scary.

Getting candy from Daddy's area!

After Daddy’s area we went back to say bye to Haley. Brooke told Haley that her pumpkin was almost full and she needed more candy. Haley then made sure Brooke’s pumpkin was filled to the top! We visited with a few other people and then headed home. Brooke loved every minute of being at Daddy’s office and so did I! We love Daddy’s work and all the people who work there!


Rachel Krauska
November 5, 2011 at 7:40 pm | Link

Looks fun!

November 7, 2011 at 10:03 am | Link

Is Haley the one whose wedding you all photographed?
I know Brooke loves going to Daddy’s office – and
trick & treating is just a special treat for her!!!

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