Brandon’s 1st Marathon

Today marked Brandon’s first marathon. Today was not a pretty day as far as the weather goes. It was rainy and cold. The rain never stopped all day.

Before the race

Friends before the race!

Brooke and I took Brandon to the starting line then went to our first spot. We saw Brandon around mile 4 and 1/2. I forgot his race bag int he car and he needed some ibuprofen, so I felt like a bad wife for not having it with me. Thankfully Melissa and Tony were right around the corner and were able tot give him some. It was raining pretty hard here at this stop but luckily Brooke and I found a bench under an awning. We saw Daddy then went to our next stop.

mile 4 and 1/2

Our next stop was at mile 8 and 1/2. This is where we met Grandma and Papa. Brooke had to go to the bathroom here, we were in a residential area so no bathrooms were around. Brooke had to pee in the grass for the fist time. It took some convincing but eventually she did it! I hope we don’t have to do that again. Brandon needed some jell shots, said hi and then kept going! He was doing great!

mile 8 and 1/2

Our next stop was at mile 14. We were able to park really close to the race path so Papa backed the suburban up and we got to sit in the back out of the rain and wait and watch for Daddy. Brandon wanted new/dry gloves which he needed help putting on since his hands were cold and wet. He also got another ibuprofen and was doing great! It is always so fun to see him during races. I love just waiting and then finally seeing him. I think I get more excited than he does. Brooke absolutely loves seeing her Daddy during races.

waiting for daddy at mile 14

The next stop was mile 17 and 1/2. Here Janie met up with us to cheer Brandon on. We held up our GO DADDY sign and cheered Brandon on with a cow bell as well! Brandon said he was feeling good and asked for some potato chips. We didn’t have any so Grandma and Papa said they would get some for him at our next stop.

Janie came to cheer on Brandon

mile 17 and 1/2

Cheering at mile 17 and 1/2

Daddy at mile 17 and 1/2

Our next stop was mile 20 and 1/2. Brandon got his potato chips and was doing great. I was thinking he might be hitting a wall by this point and was getting a little worried for him but he was in great spirits and said he felt good and was doing good. I was so proud of him and knew he only had 6 more miles to finish his first marathon. I asked him if he wanted to see us another stop before the finish line but he said he was ok.

Brooke seeing Daddy at mile 20 and 1/2

Janie, Brooke and I made our way to the finish line. We actually got close parking spots and got a good spot to see Brandon finish. I couldn’t help but think about what Brandon was thinking. I knew I was so proud of him for doing this and completing his first marathon especially in the cold and rain and knew he could only be just as proud if not more proud of himself. At last we saw Brandon make the final turn and was on the home stretch to the finish line. We cheered loudly for him but he didn’t turn and ended up not seeing us.

After the race!

I hurried around to the other side in hopes to catch him but missed him. We just met him at the end of the finish line building and there was able to congratulate him. Of course I hugged and kissed him and so did Brooke. Brooke kept telling him, “I am so proud of you.” Brooke amazes me on how well she does during these races. She is such a trooper and does great waiting for and cheering on Brandon. Brandon did amazing and all of us are so very proud of him!

Daddy and Brooke after the race

Our Marathoner!


Gerry Puglisi
December 5, 2011 at 10:06 am | Link

Great job Brandon! Wow, are we ever impressed.

Rachel Krauska
December 5, 2011 at 11:18 am | Link

Way to go Brandon!!! 🙂

December 5, 2011 at 5:18 pm | Link

Good job!!!!!

December 6, 2011 at 12:37 pm | Link

I am so PROUD of you – sorry I couldn’t make the race & cheer you on but I was already had a cough & cold and couldn’t
risk not having Brooke on Weds. because I wasn’t feeling good. But I did enjoy your celebration dinner
at Babe’s. You are donig so good – keep up the good work!!!

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