Windsor Open House

Every year before Christmas my mom hosts an open house at her flower shop. The past 2 years she has had Santa come too. This year Brooke was not interested at all in Santa. She barely waved to him. I didn’t want to push her and be unhappy so we passed on sitting on his lap. I do plan on taking her to the mall to see Santa so hopefully there it will go better! My mom had a great turn out and Brooke socialized with lots of people there.

Nana and Brooke

She loves this corner of the store, and plays here all the time.

Mommy, Brooke and Janie.

My sweet girl.

Brooke with the Spachholz family.

Janie, Brooke and Mrs. Cathy.

Grandpa, Brooke and Grandma

Tree lights looking through glasses that show candy canes and gingerbread men.

Mommy, Brooke and Daddy.

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