Play School Christmas Party

Today Brooke had her Christmas party at play school. This year Brooke has enjoyed play school so much. It is such a difference from last year! This new school Brooke absolutely loves and so do I. Brooke likes to go to school and when I come and pick her up, if she is doing something, she has to finish before leaving. She has only taken a nap there once but for the most mart does well staying on her mat or going with Mrs. Kasha during rest time.

The kids today at the party were so cute. Each of them brought a book for a book exchange. Then after they opened their books they had their snacks. Brooke was very excited about her cupcake. She got lots of great little gifts from her friends and teachers. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful teachers and directors here at play school!

making her reindeer hat

My sweet girl and her reindeer hat


December 17, 2011 at 1:22 pm | Link

I don’t think this child could take a bad picture – all of them are so great!
The few times I have been to her play school have been wonderful – I
love the teachers and of course Ms. Kasha – what a blessing you found
this school!!!

Gerry Puglisi
December 17, 2011 at 2:37 pm | Link

Very sweet and I LOVE the outfit. Haley likes hers as well and looks so cute in it. I wish we could get the two of them together sometime…maybe this summer if you come up!

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