Nutcracker Ballet

Janie and I wanted to go to a ballet, so we chose the Nutcracker. Janie wanted her boyfriend Miller to go with so Brandon was forced to go as well. Janie and I were the ones excited about it though! To make the night more enjoyable for the guys, we chose a steak house for dinner. Too bad it was a fancy restaurant, hahaha. We chose Bob’s Steak and Chop house, which I think I was just as excited about as the ballet. I had always wanted to eat here and was excited we finally were. Brandon got the rib eye and I got the new york strip. Our steak and sides were delicious!

Brandon's Meal

Janie and I outside of Bob's

After dinner, we walked around the square some, and then went to the performance hall for the ballet. Our seats had a great view and the ballet was beautiful. I am glad it ended up being a double date. Sorry for the quality of the pictures they are all taken from the great iphone.

Bass Performance Hall

My love and I

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