Christmas Eve

Every year for Christmas Eve, we go to church then go over to my moms house with family and friends for dinner and some gifts. This year Brooke woke up and had such cute pajamas on I had to snap a few pictures. When we got ready to go to church we always take a picture of Brooke in her Christmas Eve dress. She looked so cute, just as she always does. She wanted to pose herself in a few pictures, which always cracks me up!

Brooke stayed with us in the service and did awesome. She loved when we sang and attempted to sing along, even if she didn’t know the words. Her favorite part though, was when we got to light our candles. Brandon tried to let her hod it on her own, but she wanted his help. She did great and was cute holding her candle as we all sang silent night.

After church we went to my moms and had a great time as always. Brooke loves to play with her friends over at Nana’s. I really like that she gets to play with kids during this time, because on Christmas she is typically the only kid. Not that any of don’t play with her, but it is always nice and fun to play with someone your age! We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and are so blessed to have such a wonderful family and great friends!

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus

Brooke and her Nana

Matthew, Big Brooke, Brooke, Lily and Bethany

Me and Rachel, friends since we were 5!

Our family on Christmas Eve!

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Julia Walker
December 31, 2011 at 11:18 am | Link

What a fun Christmas! Brooke is adorable and looking more like her mommy every day.

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