Christmas 2011

Brandon and I woke up before Brooke did, so I had Brandon in the living room with the video camera to film Brooke as she came in the living room to see her presents! When I woke Brooke up, I told her Merry Christmas and told her Santa came. She sat up and said “is he here?” I said no but he left you some presents. She then got out of bed and looked out the window to see if she could see him. She was a little disappointed that he was not out in our back yard. She then went into the living room and was so excited to see that Santa left all of us bicycles for Christmas.

We passed out all of presents and began to open them. When I handed Brooke hers, she lined them all up in a line. It was so funny! She really liked opening presents and would want to play with them right away. One of her favorite toys was a snake bracelet and a toy kitty cat for her baby dolls. She also liked her bike and well pretty much everything else she got! I love watching her open presents. She is so funny and says some of the funniest things!

Celebrating Christmas with a child is such a joy. I was really glad to hear that she remembered and recognized that Christmas was Jesus’s birthday. I hope that we never loose site of that and He truly is our focus. Our family showed up a little later that morning and of course she got more presents. Brandon and I were cooking in the kitchen but weren’t extremely busy. We time managed our meal very well this year, which turned out very nice!

We had such a great Christmas and really enjoyed spending it with our family. Our family is such a blessing to me and I look forward to celebrating Christmas each year with them.

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Julie Wright
January 3, 2012 at 10:38 am | Link

Where is the LOVE button for the baby bellies??? What a blessing!!!

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