A Day with Uncle Preston & Aunt Rachel

Uncle Preston and Aunt Rachel flew into Dallas today from Iowa and we got to pick them up from the airport. Brooke was very excited to see them. They wanted to do some fun Dallas things, so right after the airport we went to the Dallas Science Place. They had 2 new exhibits we hadn’t seen yet so we were all excited about going.

Preston and Rachel had a blast and Brooke loved having them there to explore with them. I think they had just as much fun as Brooke did at the museum! We didn’t bring our camera in, so the only pictures we have are either from our phone or on Preston and Rachel’s camera that we forgot to get from them before they left. Before we left, we went to see the electric show. Brooke did great and dint get scared at the loud sounds that were made! She is such a big girl!

At the electric show!

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