Roller Skating

While Preston and Rachel were in town, I wanted to do a few fun things. Brandon and I had not taken Brooke to a skating rink yet, and I love to skate, so I thought this would be fun for all of us!

Watching Mommy!

Rachel, Brooke and I were the most excited! We all got the old brownies (Brown ugly skates) and made our way out onto the skating rink. Brooke liked to just be pushed or wheeled around, but we wanted to to skate on her own.

Brooke has scary eyes

Skating with Aunt Rachel and Uncle Preston

Daddy teaching Brooke!

She did great but did enjoy falling. I didn’t want her fingers to get ran over so I told her not to fall and she did much better! Although, she did prefer to go back to being wheeled around. Preston busted a few times, which I think people falling is hilarious, specially adults, I know that’s mean, but it’s so funny! He is ok and didn’t kill Brooke while falling so we are all good!

After 30 minutes of skating in these brownies, my feet were killing me! They are so old and have absolutely NO padding inside. Luckily I wasn’t the only one whose feet were killing them. We skated for about 45 minutes and then called it quits.

Brooke did awesome and I defiantly see a future birthday party at the skating rink. I will for sure tell everyone to bring their own shoe insoles! Also, pictures are with the phone again! Pregnant, watching the baby girl skate and taking pictures all at the same time was hard enough! I didn’t want to chance falling and breaking the camera or hurting myself!

Our skates!

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