I think I have been waiting for this day to come ever since the doctor told me we were having a girl, when I was pregnant with Brooke! All I had to do is wait till she turned three years old and when that happened, dance classes could begin!

I grew up dancing and have such wonderful memories of being at the dance studio. Brooke loves to dance to music here at the house and so I was looking forward to putting her in a actual dance class.

Yesterday, we went and got her tap shoes, ballet shoes, leotard, tights, dance bag and skirt for her class. The class she takes is a 3-4 year old ballet and tap combo class. I put her in her dance wear and boy did she look as cute as ever!

At the dance studio it is typical that the parents can’t watch them dance, but I would have LOVED to be a fly on the wall to see how she did. I can’t wait till they ask the parents to come watch and also for her first dance recital!

After dance was over, Brooke came running out to me and said “I want to do that again!” I am so thrilled that she loved dance class. When Brandon got home she showed him her dance shoes and clothes and then showed us what she learned in class. She is so funny and makes us laugh every day! We just love our little dancer to pieces!!!!

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