Well, Brooke has her first set of Hives. Brandon and I can’t figure out where they cam from. Nothing in her diet, laundry detergent or anything has changed. We took her to the doctor just to double check and sure enough just some allergic reaction to something she ate he thinks. There was nothing they could do, especially since she didn’t have any other symptoms, which was great! They did itch her from time to time but other than that she was just fascinated that she had spots. She had them on her tummy, back, arm pits, upper thighs and a few on her feet. She said “they are all over me.” It was funny, when we were at the doctors office she told him that she didn’t know where they came from. So after the appointment, we gave her some Benadryl and she was out! Hope my sweet little girls spots go away soon!

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