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So it is January here in Texas and today it feels like spring. Since the weather was spring like, it was the perfect day to go to the zoo. We brought along our best friends Jamie and Sadie to join us. Brooke loves the zoo and all the animals. One of her favorite things is being able to feed and pet the giraffes. Today the giraffes came right up to us without any food.

We decided to feed the birds in the children’s zoo and Sadie got scared right away. Of course as a good friend, I captured a picture of my best friend holding her child who was scared to death of the bird. Before we went in, Brooke was talking about how she wanted the bird to land on her shoulder. I told her they would fly on her and to not drop the stick of food. Well, the bird flew right to her and landed on her hand to eat the food and Brooke didn’t like it. I guess the bird didn’t know she wanted him on her shoulder not her hand. I will have to give Brooke credit, she listened to me and did not drop her stick. She shook it like crazy trying to get the bird off her hand but the bird just held on, trying to eat the food. It was quite funny to me but not to Brooke. I took the bird off of Brooke’s hand and then we were better, until the bird landed on her head. She then started crying saying the bird was eating her hair bow. The only problem with this was, Brooke had already taken off her hair bow and hadn’t had on the entire time while we were at the zoo. I got the bird off her head and from this point, she was done with the birds and not willing to hold the stick any longer.

After we left the birds, everything was back to being great for both kids! They enjoyed the rest of the zoo much better. Today, I did notice that I had to walk slower and take my time. I am out of breath more frequently now and just have to take it slow. Only 6 more weeks till baby Luke makes his appearance! Then we will be a family of 4 coming to the zoo! The day was beautiful and we all had a great time at the zoo.

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January 19, 2012 at 3:03 pm | Link

LOVE the pictures – I LOVE taking Brooke to see the giraffes – they are so neat & fun to feed.
The Bird story is funny – glad you all had a great time!
Love you all – Nana

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