Fort Worth Stock Show

Every year we go to the Fort Worth Stock show and this year Brandon and I were more excited about going since we now had our own horse and could actually shop for horse stuff! One of my favorite things was looking at the horse trailers. Of course I liked to big fancy ones but looking at them this year was a lot more enjoyable since eventually we will be getting one.

Brooke was excited to see the animals and even got to pet a few cows. One calf she got to pet was only 2 days old. This little calf was so cute. The calf was very curious and would smell Brooke, Brooke loved this calf and I think would have sat there the rest of the night petting her if we let her. She also got to pet a snake for the first time. She wouldn’t pet it at first but then had no problem touching it after mommy showed her it was ok. We had a great time walking around the stock yards and then went to the rodeo at the stock show for the first time. The rodeo was entertaining but we all were so tired at the end of the night!

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Jennie Kidd
January 25, 2012 at 12:45 am | Link


Thanks for posting these. I always stop and look every time you post new pics. Miss Brooke is getting so big! She is such a doll!

Much love to you and Brandon! Come see us! Life is short!


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